Languages Языки 언어שפות Dillər

I have been into this “language learning by myself” craze since I first saw the names of Cleopatra and Ptolmees written in the magnificent and mysterious Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics in my history book. I was in the fourth grade back then in the infamous Soviet Union.I was not able to find any books to learn the language of the Pharaohs then, but it sprinkled some oil into my already burning desire to learn all the languages of the world and then find the First Language ever spoken on our good Earth.
I started making my own alphabets and even languages, baking cuneiform clay tablets with cuneiform texts, reading Democritus in Latin and Greek. Of course, I had no dictionary no grammar books and no tutor to teach me all those languages but I had my ever hungry for languages desire. I did not need any motivation to study and learn new languages. Learning languages was as normal and important as eating food, drinking water or breathing air. 

Before my graduation from the 11-yearlong Russian secondary school in Azerbaijan, I studied Latin, Old Greek, English, Russian, Azerbaijani, Japanese, Arabic, Persian and Turkish and Sanskrit languages. As to the written systems and alphabets, I managed to memorize dozens of scripts ranging from Korean to Indian and Maya. I bought a lot of dictionaries in Tagalog, Burmese, Chinese, Tibetan, Persian, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese etc. I remember myself buying a book by a Chinese writer obviously in Russian translation just because the title of the book was written in two Chinese characters along side the Russian translation. All the money I could get from my parents I spent buying books and dictionaries.I continued doing so in Turkey where I went to study Archeology!..and in Japan where I was a research student at a graduate school in Sendai (it was way before tsunami hit the region). My house in Seoul, where I am living now is stuffed with all those language books, grammars, Assimils, Linguaphones, Teach Yourself series etc. So is my little iPhone 5S. Its memory is almost breathless because of the pdf books and grammars in all those languages of the Ancient and New world.
After all this adventure with languages, I found out that I can not learn any given language at a language course or school. It’s expensive, boring wasting of time with almost no results unless conducted at the special places like Foreign Service Institutes or alike. I developed my own way to study languages within shorter period of time (My best achievement so far is the Modern Hebrew, which I learned from zero to intermediate level within 43 days). I have never seen such a logical and easy to learn language in my life. 
Now, why did I burden you with all these endless explanations? I wanted to let you feel how connected I am with the “LANGUAGE of THINGS”. It’s like a cord that connect mother and baby. And I do not want to be born from this wonderful world.

Next time, I will explain how I read grammar books like novels, enjoy swimming thru the dictionaries, listening to movies in the target languages and more…


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